From the Morning Memo:

A letter co-signed by a range of national advocacy organizations nudging state lawmakers in New York to pass a public campaign financing measure in the state budget due by the end of the month.

The letter was backed by groups including the NAACP, End Citizens United and MoveOn.

The Democratic-led Senate included the provision in its one-house budget resolution earlier this month. But in the Assembly, lawmakers have raised concerns about the effect a public financing system for campaigns would have on races in which super PACs or independent expenditure committees become involved.

Speaker Carl Heastie told reporters after meeting with Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier this week that lawmakers in his conference continue to have concerns with the legislation.

“Fair Elections for New York — with small-donor matching funds as the centerpiece — is a clear solution to the oversized influence that a small group of wealthy donors has over New York’s government,” the letter states.

“Governor Andrew M. Cuomo included Fair Elections in his proposed budget, as did the Assembly and the Senate. Majorities in each house are on the record in support. With the power to now make it law, New York’s leaders must walk the walk. It’s time for you to pass Fair Elections in this year’s budget. We no longer can accept a nation or a state governed increasingly by a small group of the wealthy elite.”

Senate Democrats earlier this week held a public hearing on the issue in order to boost the provision in the budget talks.

Letter From National Organizations to NY Leadership in Support of Fair Elections for New York (2) by Nick Reisman on Scribd