From the Morning Memo:

The legalization of marijuana in New York can be accomplished within the coming weeks, the bill’s main sponsor in the state Assembly said Thursday in an interview.

“It is complicated, but it is a complicated topic that’s been out there for the last six years,” said Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes. “Sometimes the longer you wait, it doesn’t mean the problems go away. I think it’s something that we should try and get done within the next couple of weeks.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signaled he wants to have the issue dealt with in the state budget, due at the end of March, warning that if it doesn’t pass, the measure would be “in trouble” of getting accomplished this year.

Cuomo wants to use revenue from marijuana sales in New York City to shore up mass transit in New York City, part of a broader plan that includes congestion pricing tolls and a sales tax on out-of-state online purchases. Cuomo in recent days has also raised the possibility of a tax on second homes worth more than $5 million.

Peoples-Stokes said she was not against using money for mass transit in New York City, but like Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said the first priority should be aid communities affected by drug laws.

“I think in some ways could be given some consideration, but that’s only after we have assured a fair amount of resources to invest in communities negatively impacted by mass incarceration and the war on drugs,” she said.