Joseph Percoco, a former close aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo convicted last year of fraud and bribery, is now inmate number 78132-054.

Percoco reported to federal custody at Otisville Correctional Facility, according to the Bureau of Prisons as he appeals his 2018 conviction after he was found guilty of receiving bribes connected to a power plant development project in the Hudson Valley.

His wife Lisa also received what prosecutors called a “low-show” job in exchange for aiding a licensing effort at the state level.

Percoco is appealing the conviction, but a federal judge ruled earlier this month he cannot remain free during the process.

Percoco is being housed in the same federal facility where former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is serving time for his own corruption conviction stemming from his efforts to help his son secure a job with those with business before the state. Michael Cohen, a former personal lawyer for President Donald Trump pleaded guilty to perjury, is also scheduled to serve his prison sentence at Otisville.

Percoco was a key and longtime aide to Cuomo, who the governor has compared to a brother.

The federal case was intertwined with the prosecution of prominent upstate developers who had received contracts under the Buffalo Billion economic development program.

State lawmakers have called for changes to how contracts are doled out at the state level as well as new oversight measures. Cuomo this year agreed to re-authorizing the state comptroller’s office to have oversight of contracting.