From the Morning Memo:

Assembly Speaker Carl Heasite on Wednesday night posted to Twitter his chamber will “look to advance” driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants living in New York.

Supporters of the legislation hope that with Democratic control of the state Senate, the measure stands a better chance of passing after its failure a decade ago under Gov. Eliot Spitzer

“Senate and Assembly Dems should come together and support our immigrant families in This budget cycle,” Assembly Marcos Crespo wrote on Twitter.

County clerks who administer motor vehicle departments have expressed opposition to the legislation, and Republicans have sought to inoculate them against lawsuits should the refuse to issue the licenses.

The proposal under Spitzer was a political failure, tripping up then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and opposed by Democrats like then-Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul, now the state’s lieutenant governor.

But advocates believe sentiment has changed on the issue over the last 10 years, calling the license issue a practical necessity for insuring drivers regardless of their immigration status. Hochul has shifted her position to one of support.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signaled he would sign the legislation if approved by the Legislature.