Republicans in the state Senate Tuesday criticized the proposed tax actions in the budget talks amid discussions of raising revenue through closing a loophole in sales tax collection for online purchases, a property tax surcharge on second homes of the wealthy and as well as tolls in Manhattan.

“I used to think ‘Escape from New York’ was just a movie – but with a million New Yorkers leaving the state in the last ten years, it appears that fiction has become reality,” said Sen. Rich Funke. “The cause of this exodus is clear. Whatever the purpose, New Yorkers simply can’t afford another penny in taxes.”

The budget resolution being advanced this week by the state Assembly add an additional surcharge on the very wealthy, increasing rates on those who make $5 million and above.

Republicans have reason to latch onto the issue. GOP lawmakers pointed to the last Democratic majority a decade ago approving a payroll tax on suburban residents in order to bolster mass transit spending in the New York City region.

The payroll tax became part of a broader election year talking for Republicans in 2010, who returned to power later that year.

“Outmigration is a real problem in New York State, and the only way to stop it is to end the fascination with new taxes and higher spending,” said Sen. James Seward, the ranking Republican on the Finance Committee in the Senate. “I am hearing from a growing number of people who are on the verge of being forced from their homes, farmers forced to sell their herds, and small business owners who are closing their doors because they simply can’t afford New York’s out-of-control taxes.”