The top budget advisor to Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday came close to ruling out an expedited time frame for downstate casino licenses, pointing to fees the state would have to pay out to upstate casino operators.

There are currently four commercial casinos operating with licenses from the state in upstate New York. Legislation allows for downstate licenses to be issued by 2023. But some racino operators are making an effort to see that expiration date be moved up.

Operators of racinos in Yonkers and at Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens have held preliminary discussions with lawmakers about the potential of issuing downstate licenses.

But Budget Division Director Robert Mujica pegged the fees for upstate casinos that would have to be paid in order to end the exclusivity to be at $300 million.

“We don’t have the resources to open up the casinos downstate and also pay the upstate casinos,” he said a news conference on the state budget talks.

“I know there’s been some conversations out there, but right now we’re not proposing expanding gaming in New York City and the fiscal reality is that the revenues from that would be far in the out years, anyway.”

More broadly, industry observers have raised the concern that the addition of up to three casinos in New York City could lead to an even larger glut in the northeast gambling market.