From the Morning Memo:

Responding to a State of Politics report earlier this week that the state Democratic Party is poised to take up, and possibly pass, a resolution in support of banning fusion voting in New York, the Working Families Party has sent out an urgent call for supporters to fight back.

In an email signed by the WFP’s Bill Lipton, party leaders characterized the vote proposed for Monday at the state party meeting in Westchester as a “a direct attack by Andrew Cuomo on the Working Families Party, our grassroots supporters, and progressive activists across New York in political retribution for the historic gains we’ve made together over the past year.”

“Thanks to you and thousands of WFP activists, we defeated the IDC last year and elected a strong, progressive state Senate majority for the first time in memory,” Lipton wrote.

“That means that Andrew Cuomo is no longer in total control of Albany, and it means he no longer gets to unilaterally push through secret deals (like giving billions away in subsidies to the richest man in the world with no community input or legislative oversight).”

“So now, Cuomo is responding how he usually does: by trying to divide and conquer.”

Lipton credited fusion voting with enabling the defeat of the IDC, noting the WFP has been cross-endorsing progressive candidates for years, including the challengers who defeated the renegade Democrats in last September’s primaries.

(Interesting timing there by Lipton with the Amazon reference. This email went out just a few hours before the New York Times reported that Cuomo has been engaged in a behind-the-scenes attempt to convince the online retail giant’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, to reconsider his decision not to build a second headquarters for the company in Queens).

For what it’s worth, incoming (actually, returning) state Party Chairman Jay Jacobs, while confirming the fusion ban resolution is likely to come up for a vote Monday, insisting that the governor himself is not behind the push for it to be considered. Instead, Jacobs noted, the effort is being spearheaded – ironically – by the party’s progressive caucus.

Anyway, Lipton seems convinced that Cuomo is indeed the man behind the curtain here, saying the proposed ban is “only one part of an all-out attack” by the governor on the progressive movement.

“Cuomo is already attacking the new WFP-Democratic majority in the state Senate, telling voters that vulnerable newly elected Democrats ‘should be held accountable’ for standing up for working families,” Lipton wrote.

“Cuomo is reportedly working to build an ‘IDC v. 2’ — a development that Sen. Alessandra Biaggi responded to on Twitter by saying: ‘over my dead body.'”

“And Cuomo has already put language in his budget that would force grassroots, volunteer-led organizations like many of the groups that helped defeat the IDC to register as lobbyists if they engage in even a small amount of advocacy.”

The email asks supporters of the WFP to sign a petition. It is not a fundraising appeal.

Updated: Rich Azzopardi, a senior advisor to Cuomo, called the WFP’s complaint “utter nonsense.” He noted in tweet that the progressive caucus had drafted the resolution.

“I know the WFP got embarrassed in last year’s gov race, but living your life via conspiracy is sad & pathetic,” he wrote.