More than 800,000 letters opposing the release of convicted cop killers were deliver to the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision — a show of opposition after last week’s parole of Judith Clark.

The letters writing effort, highlighted by the New York City PBA, arrived at DOCCS in more than 360 boxes.

“We have learned that DOCCS’ Parole Board is staffed primarily by pro-criminal advocates whose main mission is to spring prisoners, regardless of the severity of their crimes, from state-funded jails,” said PBA President Pat Lynch.

“To accomplish this misguided and despicable goal, Parole Commissioners have ignored the recommendations of sentencing judges, who would have handed down a no-parole sentence if the law at the time allowed them to do so. In other instances, Parole Commissioners have pre-judged parole requests prior to hearing the victim’s impact statements of the survivors of these cold-blooded cop killings.”

The Parole Board in a 2-to-1 vote last week backed the release of Clark, who participated as the getaway driver in a deadly armored car robbery that left two police officers and a Brinks guard dead.

Supporters of Clark’s release pointed to her 38 years in prison as one of rehabilitation, working with AIDS patients and helping to turn bomb-detecting dogs.

Clark could be released from prison as early as next month.