Assemblyman Harvey Epstein an email to constituents on Friday decried the state’s budget-making process as “undemocratic” and called for it to be changed through a constitutional amendment.

Epstein, a Democrat from Manhattan, joins several lawmakers who have been publicly frustrated with the outcome of the state budget this year, worried that it vests too much power in the governor.

“This power was reinforced by a court decision Silver v Pataki which confirmed that the governor had even more power,” Epstein wrote in the email.

“So this year, we were told we could not raise income taxes, stock transfer or pier-a-tier taxes. That put us in a terrible position funding public education at public schools or colleges at SUNY and CUNY. When it came time to vote, we were faced with a choice to accept the budget bill called the ‘big ugly’ because it is exactly that. It is big, it is ugly, and it is, quite frankly, undemocratic.”

Some of the legislative discontent may be fueled by lawmakers worried their constituents, expecting more progressive victories following the Democratic takeover of the state Senate, are displeased with the deals in the budget.

But others have pursued the idea of a constitutional amendment. A similar effort was attempted in 2005 to wrestle some control away from the governor; the amendment failed when put to voters.

“We must reform the budget process,” Epstein wrote in the email. “The only way to do that is through a constitutional amendment. Otherwise, the budget process will never change.”