Democrats in the state Assembly outlined a platform on Tuesday ahead of the coming negotiations over extending rent control regulations for New York City that seeks to bolster tenant rights.

At the same time, the lawmakers want to expand rent control regulations statewide and outside of the metropolitan region.

“In the state budget, we made the property tax cap permanent to provide stability to homeowners,” said Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie. “Now we need to provide that same level of stability for tenants by reforming our rent and tenant protection laws. We have seen far too many families forced out of the neighborhoods they shaped because of the cost of rising rents and property speculators chasing profits over people.”

The statewide rent control provision would require a local government to opt in for new regulations and protections, such as limiting increases in certain dwellings.

Lawmakers and advocates rallied at the Capitol on Tuesday as part of the push.

“From Brooklyn to Buffalo we will be standing together,” said Sen. Zellnor Myrie. “I don’t care if you’re downstate, upstate, eastern state, central state, we are standing together with our tenants.”

In New York City itself, lawmakers want to eliminate the major capital improvement rent increase program and reduce rents back to the pre-hike level. Lawmakers also want to create a program that would require landlords to maintain a certain level of repair.

Assembly Democrats are also backing an end to vacancy decontrol, a provision Gov. Andrew Cuomo in December said he would support.