A bill meant to better prepare New York for a shutdown of the federal government has been introduced by Assemblyman David Buchwald, he announced on Monday.

The bill is the product of a review conducted by the Legislative Commission on Government Administration during and after the 35-day partial shutdown of the federal government in December and January.

States with shutdown plans in place were able to aid residents who are federal employees and furloughed or worked without pay, such as working with financial institutions to provide no-cost loans and mechanisms to delay debts on credit cards and loans without penalty.

New York was able to offer deferrals of state taxes as well as public college tuition payments for affected workers.

“Instead of the the State’s current ‘hit-or-miss’ approach, we should have a systematic planning effort to address any extended federal shutdown,” Buchwald said. “These federal government shutdowns are becoming increasingly common, so we need to be better prepared as a state to react swiftly and effectively to future occurrences.”