Democratic Sen. Jen Metzger on Tuesday backed legislation that would end political fundraisers near the state Capitol during the legislative session.

Holding fundraising events in Albany on session days when lawmakers are in town is not a new phenomenon and is a convenience for donors to hop from one event to the next.

But he practice came under scrutiny this session from recently elected lawmakers who criticized Gov. Andrew Cuomo for holding a fundraiser in March amid the budget negotiations. Two of those legislators themselves held fundraisers in Albany during the three-month budget season.

“Fundraisers near the capital, held during the legislative session, are attended primarily by lobbyists, paying big dollars to gain access to and leverage influence over lawmakers. It’s become a major part of how the game is played,” Metzger said.

“Meanwhile, the voters do not enjoy this same opportunity to directly reach their elected officials because they cannot afford the price of admission. This legislation will help to restore public trust in our democracy by reducing the undue influence of monied interests in the legislative process.”

The bill, sponsored by Assemblywoman Sandra Galef, would ban fundraisers within a 15-mile radius of the Capitol.

Metzger also backs a bill that would end contributions from corporations and LLCs.