Gary Greenberg, one of the advocates behind the successful push for the Child Victims Act in New York, was able to identify the man who abused him off a mugshot he saw on TV.

Now Greenberg, a businessman from Greene County, is blasting the state budget for including a provision that restricted the distribution of booking photos by law enforcement.

“New York state must not sacrifice the safety of the greater public in order to reduce the misuse of released mugshots,” he said. “The benefit is simply not worth the risk to our children and our society.”

A Siena College poll released this week found most voters — 58 percent to 31 percent — believe limiting the release of booking photos is bad for the state.

The State Police will no longer release mugshots except in cases in which there is a law enforcement purpose, such as finding a missing person or a fugitive. Some local police departments will continue to release booking photos, however.

Supporters of limiting mugshots point to the stigma attached to booking photos that cannot be taken off Google searches or, in some cases, websites that can charge people to remove them from the web.

Greenberg successfully pushed this year for the passage of a bill that would make it easier for the survivors and victims of childhood sexual abuse to file lawsuits.