Gov. Andrew Cuomo struck out millions of dollars in additional, duplicative or out-of-date spending in the $175 billion budget, his office announced on Friday.

The spending includes overtime, spending for the Office of Cultural Education, expenses for a wage theft investigation and money for the Highway Emergency Local Help Patrol.

In many instances, Cuomo’s office said there was already adequate funding in the budget to pay for these programs. In other instances, the appropriate for the money had been expended seven years ago. And in other cases, the spending was duplicated elsewhere in the budget.

Six appropriations were vetoed on constitutional grounds, including a re-appropriation for clearwater projects. Eight appropriations were struck down due to having been previously vetoed.

All told, Cuomo vetoed 123 lines of spending from the budget, which lawmakers approved in the early-morning hours of April 1, the start of the state’s fiscal year.

Cuomo earlier in the budget talks had warned lawmakers about spending too much in the budget, given the potential for a fiscal downturn as early as next year.

The agreed-to budget ultimately kept state spending growth at a 2 percent increase.

The full list of vetoes and their explanations can be found here.