Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview on Friday morning said he found the current divisive political environment “frightening” and fretted over the lack of unity in the country.

“This country is more divided, more angry, less unified than I’ve ever seen it and it’s frightening,” Cuomo said in an interview on 1010 WINS in New York City.

Cuomo is supporting the presidential candidacy of former Vice President Joe Biden, who announced his third campaign for the White House this week.

Cuomo said the Democratic primary will be a “robust discussion.”

“Joe Biden I’ve worked with for many decades,” he said. “He’s been very good to New York. He’s been a progressive in the truest sense and he’s a progressive who can get things actually done. I think this race is going to be about the values we hold as New Yorkers and Americans. I think it’s more fundamental then debating the policy specifics of a proposal.”