As state lawmakers push for the release of President Donald Trump’s New York tax returns, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said any bill should apply to them as well.

“Why not say any elected official or any person who runs for office in the state of New York, your tax return will be released, period,” Cuomo said on Tuesday in a radio interview. “No hypocrisy, no duplicity, no political games.”

State lawmakers on Monday sought to advance legislation that would require the release of Trump’s tax returns for the last five years, backing a bill that would lead to the disclosure of the president’s filings as well as the returns of all statewide elected officials who file taxes in New York.

But Cuomo said the measure should be as broad as possible to withstand any legal scrutiny.

“Once you hold office, you must release your tax returns,” Cuomo said “If you want Donald Trump’s tax returns, why don’t you release your own?”

A cap on the amount of money lawmakers can earn outside of the Legislature is set at 15 percent of their take-home pay.

Cuomo releases his tax returns each year by tradition, usually in April.