Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a pair of radio interviews on Friday morning touted the early progress made on renovating the L train line in New York City, which he said is now ahead of schedule.

“Right now they are ahead of schedule, I’m nervous saying that because with construction it can wind up late,” Cuomo said in an interview on 1010 WINS. “It’s going better than planned and it is a better plan.”

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority had initially considered an 18-month closure of the line for major renovations following damage due to Hurricane Sandy.

Cuomo earlier this year announced a different plan that would close the line on nights and weekends, but keep it open, while still being able to do construction work. The new plan will take about a year to complete.

“It would have been a traffic nightmare on top of what is normally a traffic nightmare,” Cuomo said.

Meanwhile, Cuomo also addressed the back-and-forth with New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy over congestion pricing, an agreed-upon plan in the state budget that will lead to tolling to cars entering Manhattan below 60th Street. Cuomo indicated there is not a deal in place to have New Jersey drivers avoid “double tolling” on both bridges as well as entering the city.

At the same time, Cuomo noted the specifics of congestion pricing will be up to a commission.

“There would be some double tolling or you won’t accomplish anything and you won’t raise any revenue,” Cuomo said