President Donald Trump has backed off a threat to close the U.S.-Mexico border following an outcry from fellow Republicans.

Sen. Mitt Romney is not enthused about the idea of the president appointing Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve board.

The potential nomination of Cain, the former CEO of Godfather Pizza, is being seen as an effort by the White House to exert more control over the independent board of governors.

On Twitter, the president shared a doctored video to mock former Vice President Joe Biden.

The Church of Latter Day Saints announced it would allow LGBT parents to be baptized.

A popular English language school has shut down, throwing into jeopardy the immigration status and finances of the hundreds of immigrant students enrolled.

State lawmakers are starting to debate the next big issue they’ll face, a major deadline with the expiration of rental regulations.

The old NYPD stationhouse on Simpson Street in the South Bronx was called Fort Apache in the 1970s, when it stood among vacant lots and the neighborhood was overrun with crime. More recently, it’s been a less-than-inviting home for the Bronx Special Victims Squad.

A letter written by the gunman in New York’s deadliest shooting 10 years ago in Binghamton have the signs of instability of a man living with psychosis and paranoia, according to experts.

Troubling news from The Watertown Daily Times in the state’s North Country region: “As we face the realities that have shaken the foundation of the news business, we will be forced in the coming weeks to recreate our business. We must define success, and in doing so, re-evaluate all that we do and focus on areas that are self sustaining. We will be re-evaluating each of our publications for profitability. Those that are not profitable may no longer be published, and others may see publishing frequencies change.”

The Syracuse Mets kicked off their inaugural season Thursday, welcoming in thousands of fans into NBT Bank Stadium on opening day.

A Syracuse man has entered the 2020 race for New York’s 24th Congressional District. Roger Misso, a native of central New York, announced Thursday that he has officially filed as a candidate for the Democratic nomination to go up against incumbent Republican Rep. John Katko.

The Bills are having a pretty good offseason, but Bills fans are really winning the pre-draft period. In typical Bills Mafia fashion, they’re responding to a challenge by donating to a charity in another team’s city.

Top officials at the Albany Police Department did not learn about a violent confrontation with residents until a City Hall employee saw a cellphone video of the incident.

State legislators are moving to end non-religious exemptions for vaccinating school-age children following a measles outbreak in the Hudson Valley.

The USA Today Network tracks how “model” legislation written by advocacy groups for legislatures around the country can be put before lawmakers in New York.