With more than 700 cases of measles now reported in the United States, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday in a radio interview said public health concerns should trump religious exemptions.

“As governor of New York, I’m also concerned about the public health,” Cuomo said on WNYC’s The Briand Lehrer Show. “You cannot endanger your child’s health or my child’s health.”

The measles outbreak in New York has largely been confined to Orthodox Jewish communities in Rockland County and Brooklyn.

State lawmakers have called for an end to religious exemptions for vaccinations amid the outbreak. Cuomo on Tuesday reiterated that he understands the religious concerns connected to the issue, but said it should be set aside given the measles outbreak.

Cuomo also backed efforts by public health officials in Rockland County and New York City to limit public exposure by people who have have tested positive.

“I respect the religious exemption, but I don’t think it applies in this situation,” Cuomo said. “You have a public health crisis.”