Lobbying and ethics regulators in a report released Thursday found the ride-hailing company Uber Technologies, Inc. spent $5.9 million lobbying both state and local governments in New York, the highest expenditure for any entity in 2018.

The annual report from the Joint Commission on Public Ethics revealing key lobbying data, finding a combined $261.2 million was spent seeking to influence legislation in the state last year.

Uber has emerged a major lobbying force in state and New York City politics as it provides input on transportation policy like congestion pricing and ride hailing services.

Second to Uber, the politically influential labor union 1199 SEIU spent $3.7 million and the Greater New York Hospital Association spent $3.6 million.

Lobbying overall remains a robust industry, with expenses growing by $21.2 million between 2017 and 2018.

Total compensation for lobbying as steadily increased since the beginning of the decade. In 2010, lobbyists reported $164 million in expenses. It’s increased each year, growing $234 million in 2018, an increase from $221 million in 2017.

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