Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy on Saturday launched a long-anticipated bid for statewide chairman, promising to “rebuild, retool, revitalize” a party that has not kept pace in voter enrollment and is out of power in statewide offices.

“We owe New York taxpayers two party government and a Republican Party can always elect candidates who put taxpayers first,” Langworthy said.

Elected as the youngest county chairman in Erie County nine years ago, Langworthy pledged to boost donations to the party by 30,000 new contributors and take a data-driven approach.

He also wants to recruit more women to run for office as well as younger candidates.

Langworthy wants to replace Chairman Ed Cox, the state chairman for the last 10 years.

Republicans in November lost control of the state Senate, the last lever of power the GOP held in New York. A Republican has not held office statewide since the conclusion of Gov. George Pataki’s third term in 2006.