New York will sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency after the federal government announced Thursday the cleanup of the Hudson River by General Electric Co. was complete.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Letitia James jointly announced the intention to sue the EPA following the agency announcing a certification of completion for the project that dredged PCB-laden muck from the river.

“Time and again the Trump Administration puts corporations and polluters’ interests ahead of public health and the environment,” Cuomo said.

“The Hudson River is the lifeblood of communities from New York City to the Adirondacks but we know PCB levels remain unacceptably high in the riverbed and in fish. Since the EPA has failed to hold GE accountable for fulfilling its obligation to restore the river, New York State will take any action necessary to protect our waterways and that includes suing the EPA to demand a full and complete remediation. Anything less is unacceptable.”

The EPA had previously signaled it would likely issue the completion as GE began to wind down its work on the river. The cleanup was sparked in 2002 by a record of decision requiring General Electric to remove PCBs from the river.

In 2016, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation challenged the effectiveness of the project and later called on the EPA to conduct additional sampling in the river. The project, based in Fort Edward, stretched to the Capital Region’s northern portion of the river.

The DEC conducted its own sampling of the river in 2017 and determined the dredging did not go far enough in cleaning up the river.

Last year, the attorney general’s office wrote to environmental regulators at the federal level urging the EPA to withhold a completion certification until it can be determined the project did enough to protect the environment.

“The Hudson River is critical to the environment and economy of New York,” James said. “Despite the EPA’s stance, the facts remain crystal clear: the cleanup of PCBs is incomplete, and allowing GE to walk away without accountability is dangerous to the health and wellness of New Yorkers. Once again, the EPA has failed to protect the environment, and failed to protect the residents of our state, but my office will work tirelessly to ensure the cleanup and restoration of the Hudson River carries on.”