The Office of Court Administration on Friday held a conference call to provide an update its determination that federal immigration enforcement officers cannot make arrests in courthouses without a warrant.

A spokesman for OCA, Lucian Chalfen, confirmed there was a conference call in an email, but could not discuss specifics, citing court security.

Supreme Court Officers Association President Pat Cullen said the call, which included court officers, administrators and other court personnel, was part of an effort to clarify OCA’s rule for Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in courthouses.

The labor union said the call “made clear” that court personnel should not interfere with any law enforcement agency in the normal conduct of their duty.

“Common sense seems to have prevailed as it’s been made clear to Court personnel not to interfere in official law enforcement activity,” Cullen said, “but to continue to be vigilant in providing the safe environment we always have for our partners from outside law enforcement agencies to pursue their rightful duties.”