Democratic state Sen. Brad Hoylman on Monday commemorated tax day in the United States by once again pushing bills that are meant to induce the release of President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Hoylman backs three bills that have the goal in mind: One measure would aid House Democrats in releasing Trump’s New York tax filing to the Ways and Means Committee, another would require the disclosure of tax returns by statewide elected officials in New York, as well as the president, and a third would require the disclosure of tax returns by candidates running for president and vice president.

“Today, as millions of New Yorkers file their taxes, we are reminded that Donald Trump has yet to disclose his tax returns, citing an ongoing audit—although there is no Internal Revenue Service rule stopping him from doing so,” Hoylman said.

“The practice of releasing tax returns is a political norm for a reason: candidates seeking higher office should be held to a higher standard of transparency. Behaving ethically is not optional.”

Trump has claimed his taxes are under audit, though nothing precludes him from releasing them because of that.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week said he would be supportive of the measure to have Trump’s taxes be made public, but also wants state lawmakers to release their returns as well.