As Democratic lawmakers back legislation to give New York sanctuary status, Republican Sen. Robert Ortt on Tuesday introduced a bill that would prevent the governor from blocking the State Police from working with federal immigration enforcement.

The bill seeking to in effect boost the ability of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s ability to operate in the state is unlikely to gain much consideration in the Democratic-led Legislature.

But the measure is also reflective of the coming debate over immigration enforcement at the Capitol.

“Gov. Cuomo has chosen to start a public feud with U.S. Immigration and Customs for no reason other than to rile his base in New York City and to oppose President Trump,” Ortt said. “However, his words and actions have real-life consequences and he is putting in danger those who protect our communities and enforce our federal laws. I want to ensure that the governor isn’t able to weaponize the state police against federal law enforcement for his own political gain.”

The Office of Court Administration last week determined ICE cannot make arrests in courtrooms without a judicial warrant.

Democrats in the post-budget session are also likely to push for a bill that would extend access to driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, a measure that Cuomo has said he would sign if approved.