From the Morning Memo:

Time to translate “stand clear of the closing door” for polyglot New York.

Announcements on mass transit systems in New York City should be made in multiple languages in order to reach the more than 4 million residents who speak a language other than English, Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas on Thursday told the MTA in a letter.

Simotas pointed to other cities like Paris, Belgium and Luxembourg with transit systems that have announcements in multiple languages.

“Currently, the MTA only provides automated voice announcements in English even though it is home to 1.9 million Spanish speakers, 419,000 Cantonese and Mandarin speakers, 186,000 Russian speakers, 106,000 French Creole speakers, 81,000 French speakers, and 200,000 New Yorkers who converse in an Indic language, like Hindi, Urdu or Gujarati,” Simotas wrote in the letter to MTA President Andy Byford.

“Providing announcements in multiple languages would eliminate confusion amongst the many riders who benefit from our transit system and would allow our system to run more effectively.”

In the letter, Simotas called on the MTA to devise and implement a plan for integrating more languages into the announcements.

“New York City is a melting pot oozing with culture and spirit and it is time that our transit system reflects that,” she said. “Now with new sources of revenue for the MTA capital plan lockbox and billions in additional financing support for MTA projects, it is the perfect time to finally create a multi-lingual transit system that better serves the riders.”

An economic report released this week by Comptroller Tom DiNapoli found 42 percent of the workforce in New York City is composed of immigrants, who tend to have a lower overall unemployment rate than the rest of the city.