From the Morning Memo:

The effort to create a single-payer health care system is continuing to move forward after the passage of the state budget that included the codification of aspects of the federal Affordable Care Act into state law.

Assemblyman Richard Gottfried in an interview last week said the measure was never intended to be part of the budget, in part due to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s opposition to a state-level version of the bill.

“Certainly there are people who raise concerns and we’re going to be working to accommodate those concerns,” said Gottfried, the Assembly Health Committee chairman. “It was never part of the budget, we never tried to make it part of a budget bill, partly because we didn’t have the governor on board. We hope to bring that about.”

Cuomo has been skeptical of the single-payer proposal in large due to its cost and could double the size of the state budget. The bill’s supporters point to that figure being based on a previous version of the bill and the program itself would eventually reduce overall costs for health care.

The 2019-20 budget included the codification of the state’s health care marketplace, an exchange in which New Yorkers can purchase health insurance at reduced rates. The marketplace, created after the passage of the ACA, had previously been created as an executive order by Cuomo following opposition in the state Senate, under Republican control at the time.

The budget also expanded coverage requirements for egg freezing and in vitro fertilization.