From the Morning Memo:

A group that has pushed for improved educations standards and curricula at yeshivas has sent a letter to state education officials urging them to adopt emergency regulations after a state judge this month tossed out revised oversight guidelines.

The letter from the group Yaffed this week called for the emergency regulations, backing up their concerns with affidavits of former yeshiva students who call for the need of a strengthened secular education.

“The decades long, systematic neglect of yeshiva students is an absolute emergency that the state must take as seriously as the measles crisis,” said Naftuli Moster, Yaffed’s executive director.

“Thousands of students graduate from schools in New York every year without the ability to read or write in English, perform basic math, or understand the science behind vaccines. It’s time to prioritize our children’s wellbeing ahead of political interests and finally stand up for their rights under the law.”

A state Supreme Court in Albany struck down revised guidelines meant to ensure Jewish day schools provide the standard equivalent of a secular education as part of a lawsuit by the New York State Association of Independent Schools, which had sought to halt the enforcement.

Ultimately, the court ruled on procedural grounds.

Yaffed, an advocacy group that has sought to strengthen secular education standards at yeshivas, potentially has some backing from Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“My attorneys are now talking with NYSED, reviewing the court’s decision because it is vitally important that the law we passed be followed which is that the yeshivas are held to the substantial equivalency standard,” Cuomo said in a radio interview earlier this month. “But we have to make sure SED (State Education Department) can do its job.”