A report released on Wednesday by the state Bar Association reviews the connection between student discipline and the criminal justice system.

The report specifically reviewed the effect of the student suspension statute and its impact on students such as lower academic achievement, truancy, dropout rates and how they eventually reach contact with the juvenile justice system.

The report found there are impacts on students of color when suspended, as well as students with disabilities and LGBTQ students. Students who suspended are three times more likely to be in contact with the criminal justice or juvenile justice system and twice as likely to drop out of school.

“NYSBA’s Task Force on the School to Prison Pipeline was established to study relevant issues, information, law and current practices with respect to school discipline, outline appropriate disciplinary sanctions and restorative justice alternatives including youth courts, and recommend discipline and restorative justice best practices for school districts,” said NYSBA President Michael Miller.

“The school to prison pipeline pushes schoolchildren, especially at-risk youth, out of the classroom and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems,” Miller added. “As more school districts utilize the recommendations for treating student misconduct that are outlined in this excellent report, we believe that this disturbing trend will be diminished.”

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