The Business Council on Tuesday in a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo urged him to back the proposed Williams pipeline project, which has been opposed by environmental groups.

The letter dovetails with letters written by the New York AFL-CIO and its affiliate labor groups urging approval of the project as well, which supporters say is meant to boost energy supply for the metropolitan area.

“There are many steps that need to be taken to address the needs of those with high energy cost burdens, but one simple step will be to allow for the continued transition to affordable natural gas,” wrote Business Council President Heather Briccetti in the letter. “Since energy costs are the highest uncontrollable expense for many households, directly reducing these costs allows residents to spend more on other critical needs such as food, transportation, and childcare.”

At the same time, supporters have pointed to the economic benefits of the project while also addressing the energy needs in New York City.

“However, at the current rate of growth in New York City and Long Island, from new construction and continued oil-to-gas conversions, National Grid does not have enough natural gas supply or an alternative and affordable large-scale clean heat alternative to keep up with demand,” she wrote.