Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview on Wednesday said he would support expanding rent control guidelines to upstate communities that affirmatively opt in.

“I don’t think the New York City politicians should tell upstate what to do, and I think we have to be careful of that because we have a New York City bias in the legislative body,” Cuomo said in an interview on WAMC. “But if an upstate locality believed they could benefit from the rent laws and it worked with their economy and it can be suited for their economy, yes I would be open to that.”

Local governments that opt in to rent control outside of New York City would have a local rent board created, which would set the regulations.

Rent control laws, which largely encompass New York City and some surrounding suburbs in Westchester and on Long Island, are due to be renewed at the end of June. Cuomo also wants to end vacancy decontrol as well as strengthen tenant protections and requirements that landlords upgrade housing.