Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed on Tuesday a bill codifying reduced sentence structures for domestic abuse survivors in the criminal justice system.

The bill addresses the ability of judges to administer indeterminate sentences for people who are victims or survivors of domestic violence and who have committed a crime in relation to their abuser in certain circumstances.

The measure was part of an agenda of measures Cuomo unveiled this year in his Women’s Justice Agenda.

“The vast majority of incarcerated women have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, and too often these women wind up in prison in the first place because they’re protecting themselves from an abuser,” Cuomo said. “By signing this critical piece of our 2019 women’s justice agenda, we can help ensure the criminal justice system takes into account that reality and empowers vulnerable New Yorkers rather than just putting them behind bars.”

The measure adds offenses that were committed due to coercion by an abuser as well as crimes committed against or at the behest of an abuser who does not share a household or family with the survivor.