Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview on Wednesday sought to light a fire under the Legislature, seemingly goading them into passing his agenda in the final weeks of the session.

“Complacency is the foe,” Cuomo said in the interview on WAMC. “A legislative body often left to its own devices will not make its own decisions.”

Cuomo wants a package of measures that include a strengthening of rent control regulations, an end to the “gay panic” defense, the legalization of marijuana and the legalization of gestational surrogacy, among other issues.

And, with Memorial Day over, Cuomo is turning his focus back to the Capitol.

“The more controversial issues tend to sit,” Cuomo said. “Unless communication and force is applied, they will not decide.”

The Legislature this year, with a newly empowered Democratic state Senate, has seen a series of long-sought progressive goals pass, including a strengthening of abortion rights, new gun control legislation, a ban on plastic bag usage and the approval of protections for transgender individuals.

But Cuomo likened those accomplishments to a baseball team scoring early in a game.

“You don’t win in a ballgame because you scored in the first inning,” he said.

The Legislature is returning today for the final push to the end of the legislative session, which is due to conclude on June 19.

Lawmakers are also considering bills that would allow for mobile sports betting, which the governor has not ruled out. Cuomo has, however, said a measure that would allow for terminally ill patients to begin end of life treatment does not have the political will to be approved.