From the Morning Memo:

The Erie County Comptroller’s Office will investigate the potential negative ramifications to the county if the state passes legislation to give driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants.

The review comes at the request of County Clerk Mickey Kearns, a former Democratic assemblyman, who has been one of the most outspoken critics of the proposal. Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw, a Republican, said his office will look at the impact such an initiative might have on the county budget and potential cost of litigation – among other things.

“It is absolutely, positively unconscionable for out-of-touch politicians to ignore federal immigration laws to give illegal immigrants a ‘breeder document’ like a drivers license,” Mychajliw said. “It really does open up a Pandora’s Box.”

Kearns has maintained he will not process the licenses if the state Legislature passes the bill. He has cited numerous concerns, including his belief that the proposal is inconsistent with federal law. He’s also worried it could promote fraud, and would be taxing on clerks offices across New York.

“Unintended consequences that roll down from Albany, you know who pays for them? The Erie County taxpayers,” Kearns said. “So, taxpayers need to know to reach out to legislators, that there will be an unintended consequence, their tax bills will go up.”

The two elected officials promoted the investigation as a bipartisan effort, although it’s worth noting that Kearns won his seat with the Republican endorsement, and has been essentially excommunicated for the local Democratic committee.

Expecting the bill to pass, Kearns and Mychajliw also sent a letter to the governor imploring him to veto it when it reaches his desk, which is highly unlikely.