From the Morning Memo:

The death of her mother due to a drunk driver galvanized Melinda Katz’s decision to enter public service, the Queens district attorney candidate said in a video released Thursday by her campaign.

Katz is among a crowded field of Democrats competing in next month’s primary for Queens district attorney. She released the first video of her campaign that serves in large part as a biography for voters.

“One person’s criminal act changed my family forever and shaped my entire life,” she says in the video. “Seeing myself in other victims, I wanted to use the law to bring justice to people in a way that I never got.”

In the video, she also talks about she helped her father when he became ill, helping him navigate insurance needs. And she points to her time as Queens borough president.

“I ran as an outsider the first time against the party establishment,” she says in the video.

“They said I shouldn’t run and I couldn’t win. But I’m not a quiet person, and I’m not a quitter. I outworked them and won. As a legislator, I passed legislation that gave victims of child sexual abuse more time to report their abusers and gave women greater access to reproductive healthcare.”