A bill that would legalize marijuana may be jeopardy of passing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a radio interview on Friday.

“They’re now saying, ‘well, we need the governor to weigh in.’ That’s a bad sign legislatively,” Cuomo said in the interview on WXXI. “That has me troubled, because they never said that to me. They always said they had the votes. That’s a signal they don’t have the political support and that’s the problem.”

Cuomo included a plan that would legalize and regulate marijuana in New York in his state budget proposal. But ultimately the push fell out of the budget negotiations as Cuomo and lawmakers disagreed substantially on the approach to take.

Democrats in the state Assembly have said the issue is yet to be officially discussed in a closed-door meeting to determine whether the support is there to move forward.

Some Democratic lawmakers have pointed to traffic and safety concerns with the legalization of marijuana, and the problems with creating a system in other states like Colorado.

Cuomo, known as a hardball tactician and negotiator on the budget and legislation, suggested the need for his involvement was an indication the bill is in trouble.

“If they’re starting to suggest I need to twist arms, that’s a bad sign, because arm twisting doesn’t work,” he said.