A push to legalize marijuana in New York was endorsed on Tuesday by the labor unions as the bill remains in limbo.

The legalization push was endorsed by 1199SEIU at a rally at the Capitol, while lawmakers have retooled the bill in an effort to win more votes and entice Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“The criminalization of marijuana has disproportionately hurt young people, and people of color,” said Ozzy Harris, a member of 1199 who works in the Mental Health Department at Columbia Memorial Hospital in Hudson.

“I know this personally. When I was 17, being charged with a criminal offense for having a small amount of marijuana caused me a lot more harm than smoking pot ever could. It took a lot of money and time until I was able to work my way back to the life I wanted to lead; having a family and a job that is important.”

The retooled bill has elements of what Cuomo proposed at the start of the year, such as regulating marijuana retail sales through an Office of Cannabis Management.

Cuomo has been skeptical lawmakers have the votes to pass the legislation after the issue fell out of the budget talks.

“Big Marijuana, Big Tobacco and the alcohol industry are showing their desperation by bringing in union leaders to shill for their push to put profits over people,” said Kevin Sabet, the president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana New York, which opposes marijuana legalization.

“Union members should be outraged that their leaders are standing with an industry that intentionally targets and victimizes low-income and minority communities. It is truly a disgrace to see the healthcare workers’ union chose to ignore parents, medical professionals, and addiction treatment specialists to support a dangerous pot-for-profit industry.”