From the Morning Memo:

New York’s 25th and 27th Congressional Districts may neighbor each other geographically, but its representatives have not always been neighborly to each other.

The late Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter regularly went after Republican Rep. Chris Collins on various matters of policy, and also led the calls for investigation into his insider trading, for which he is currently facing federal charges.

The Republican, never afraid to return fire, once called his colleague “a despicable human being.” The rivalry never really cooled before Slaughter passed away in March 2018.

Roughly five months later, Collins was indicted. As he continues to fight the charges lodged against him, his appearances on both national and local news have become far less prevalent, and his political future remains an open question.

However, Tuesday, there were shades of the old relations between NY-25 and NY-27 after Slaughter’s successor, former Assemblyman Joe Morelle, called for the Trump administration to withdraw a U.S. Marshal nominee recommended by Collins, though the Democrat did appear to try to tread more lightly than his predecessor likely would have.

“I say this advisedly, but this nomination was advanced by Congressman Collins, who was under indictment on federal felony charges, and I think while he’s going through his legal challenges he ought to stand down and not make recommendations about law enforcement personnel while he’s under federal indictment. I’m not trying to be… I’m just trying to basically call the balls and strikes here,” Morelle said.

Collins’ office was not amused, defending the nomination and calling Morelle’s opinion “simply irrelevant.”

“No one should take legal and ethics advice from Rep. Joe Morelle – who defended Sheldon Silver after his corruption arrest and ignored the story of a rape victim in order to advance his political career,” Collins spokesperson Jennifer Brown said.

Brown is talking about rape allegations made by former Democratic staffer Elizabeth Crothers in 2001 against the state Assembly Democrats chief counsel at the time, Michael Boxley.

Morelle then said he didn’t believe Crothers, but Boxley eventually pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct with a different staffer two years later.

Morelle has since apologized for the comments and even invited Crothers to be his State of the Union guest this year.