From the Morning Memo:

President Donald Trump’s legal team is scheduled to be in federal court today in Washington to argue against congressional subpoenas issued for some of Trump’s financial records.

The hearing involves information that Congress wants from the accounting firm Mazars USA. The House has also subpoenaed records regarding Trump’s business dealings from a number of lenders, including Deutsche Bank and Capital One.

Yesterday in Rochester, Democratic Rep. Joe Morelle said he believes his colleagues who are investigating are well within their right in their efforts to obtain the president’s financial records.

“It was established back in the 18th century that Congress has the right to oversight over the White House and over the Executive Branch,” the congressman said. :”Article I of the Constitution is clear in that regard, and I think the founders wanted to make sure that we didn’t have an untethered executive.”

Morelle argued that Congress not only has a right, but also an obligation to exercise its powers in this instance. He said he believes the American people deserve to know what is going on with their president.

“The subpoenas that are going on and the investigations that are going on are legitimate questions that have been raised about the president and his administration,” Morelle said. I think he should comply with the subpoenas. I think he should coordinate and cooperate with those various committees that are doing their investigations.”

The investigations began after former Trump attorney Michael Cohen told Congress that Trump inflated his personal wealth in an attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills.