From the Morning Memo:

Cynthia Nixon and Zephyr Teachout in a letter to be released Thursday called on the state Education Department to develop emergency regulations for education standards at yeshivas.

The letter comes after a state Supreme Court struck down guidelines for private and parochial schools on procedural grounds.

“The decades long neglect of secular education at various ultra-Orthodox yeshivas is a crisis affecting tens of thousands of students each year,” they wrote in the letter.

“All children, regardless of religion, deserve equal access to a fair and basic education. And yet every year students graduate from these yeshivas without the ability to read or write in English, and little to no understanding of science, math, history or civics.”

Nixon, an education advocate and actress, ran for governor last year in the Democratic primary against Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Teachout last year sought the attorney general nomination in the Democratic primary.

The letter points to a report by YAFFED that found only 90 minutes of secular education in Hasidic boys’ elementary schools and no in high schools.

“For far too long, politicians have put their own interests ahead of students with devastating consequences for individuals and whole communities,” they wrote.

Nixon + Teachout Letter FINAL by Nick Reisman on Scribd