From the Morning Memo:

Republican NY-23 Rep. Tom Reed said the escalation of a war over tariffs between the United States and China is something that can be easily resolved.

He said the president has expressed willingness to continue to negotiate with China in good faith, and if the two countries reach a deal, a potential trade war would be an afterthought.

“I think what you’re seeing is potentially the final stages of a negotiation that either will produce an agreement, or we will have to walk away from the table and come back to the table in the future once both sides recognize that it’s in no one’s interest to pursue this tariff escalation long term,” Reed said.

At the same time, the Republican said the U.S. is missing an opportunity to codify the updated trade deal the administration has negotiated with Mexico and Canada. He believes the Democrat-controlled House would approve the agreement, however House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has refused to bring it to the floor.

“She has been adamant not to give the president a win in regards to this Mexico-Canada deal, and for the sake of our farmers, I think it’s incumbent on Nancy Pelosi to give us a vote,” the congressman said.

Reed said approval of the deal is particularly important to the dairy farmers in his district, who he insists will be able to sell more products as a result. He also believes it gives the U.S. a stronger position in negotiating with China.

“These are all related to each other, so the sooner we can get Mexico-Canada on the floor of the house and get a successful vote behind us, I think that would also help us in negotiation with China because it would send a message that we are serious,” Reed said.

He also said Congress needs to be open to potential assistance to the farming community as trade talks continue.