From the Morning Memo:

A proposed “distracted walking bill” is gaining attention across the state, but its chance of becoming law appears very slim.

State Senator John Liu, D-Queens, is sponsoring legislation that would ban people from using electronic devices, like cell phones, while crossing the street.

The bill is currently in the Senate Transportation Committee and the committee’s chair said it is not going anywhere.

“It will stay there,” state Senator Tim Kennedy, D-Buffalo, said. “As the chair of Transportation, this is under the auspices of my committee and I control what comes to the floor of my committee for a vote. This is something that will not be seeing the light of day.”

Kennedy called the proposal, which would institute fines for those who text while crossing, an overreach. While it’s his first year as committee chair, he said during his tenure in the Legislature, he has never heard of the issue as a major problem that needed to be addressed.

“I think it goes to far,” he said. “I think it gets right into someone’s rights and freedoms as a person and a pedestrian. I think it infringes on many different rights and I would not be supportive of it.”

The Western New York Democrat acknowledged “distracted walking” may be a bigger issue in New York City than his area, but he said without a major push from the voting public, he has no plans to change his mind about stopping the bill.