New York Democrats on Wednesday moved up the deadline for voters to switch parties or register as Democrats ahead of next year’s presidential primary.

The state committee voted to move the party switch deadline to 60 days before a primary, rather than more than 190 days. At the same time, the party will also now allow voters unaffiliated with a party — registered blanks or small “i” independents — to register as Democrats 25 days before a primary.

New York’s presidential primary is scheduled for April 28.

The date switch comes after voters in 2016 were frustrated by the voter registration rules for party affiliation as the nominating process entered New York without a clear nominee for either Democrats or Republicans. At the time, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was waging an insurgent bid against Hillary Clinton; Clinton ultimately won the New York primary by 10 percentage points.

State Democratic Committee Chairman Jay Jacobs said the change was meant to satisfy ideological wings of the party.

“It was part of a compromise between the more moderate progressives on the one hand and the far left on the other,” he said. “We worked this out. The governor asked us to make sure things were more agreeable in the state party.”