A bill introduced last month would empower the governor to remove county clerks from office if they do not issue driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants, a measure that is pending before both chambers of the Legislature.

The bill’s introduction comes as county clerks who run local motor vehicle departments have vocally opposed the effort to allow undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses. The provision, known as the Green Light Bill, will be going to the floor of the Assembly on Tuesday in what is expected to be a closely watched vote.

The Green Light measure faces an uncertain path in the state Senate, however, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo has publicly doubted whether Democrats have the votes for the bill.

County clerks, including those in Erie, Saratoga and Rensselaer counties, have pushed back against the driver’s license bill, and have pledged to not provide licenses to undocumented immigrants should it become law.

Democratic Sen. Luis Sepuvlveda, the main sponsor of the Green Light bill, is also backing the bill that would enable the governor to remove county clerks from office who would refuse to issue the licenses.

“Indeed, county clerks have sworn to uphold New York State law,” the bill’s memo states.

“The willful failure to do so should be grounds for removal from office. This bill provides that any county clerk who refuses to issue drivers licenses to undocumented individuals will be deemed to be neglecting his or her duties and may be removed from office by the governor. Just like other public officials, country clerks must obey the law and cannot refuse to perform their duties or take law into their own hands.”

Sen. Jim Tedisco, a Republican, re-introduced a bill earlier this year that would do the opposite and bar the governor from removing county clerks from office. The governor has the power to remove some locally elected officials, including county clerks.