From the Morning Memo:

The International Joint Commission makes strange bedfellows in New York. Regardless of party-affiliation or level of government, elected officials have pretty consistently criticized the IJC for its management of Lake Ontario water levels over the last several years.

WNY Republican Rep. Chris Collins said that he, Gov. Andrew Andrew Cuomo and U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “basically agree on nothing other than the impact Plan 2014 has had in a negative sense since it was implemented.”

The congressman and the governor would be best described as political adversaries, and have reputedly traded verbal barbs over the years. Cuomo even urged his lieutenant governor, Kathy Hochul, who briefly held Collins’ seat a few years back, to try to take him out in the last election cycle. (There were, of course, ulterior political motives for the governor’s call, and Hochul declined, opting to seek re-election to her current post as his No. 2 instead).

However, Collins actually agreed with Cuomo, who recently threatened to sue the IJC if it failed to adjust its regulatory plan and pay damages to the state for the millions its spent on repairs and flood mitigation.

“The fact is, in the treaty, the IJC is responsible for financial compensation when a community is disproportionately impacted, and they admit in that plan that there will be a disproportionate impact on the Southern shore of Lake Ontario,” Collins said.

The only problem, the congressman said, is the body made up of three American commissioners and three Canadian ones, has no money. The governments of the two countries could perhaps come up with the cash, but Collins does not think it’s likely.

“The communities are upset for good reason because there’s a man-made piece in this but there’s no one here on Capitol Hill that’s going to get ready to write a big check,” he said.

He said the best solution is to suspend Plan 2014, which he will believes will prevent further damages in the future. So far, however, the IJC has shown no interest in actually moving in that direction.