State lawmakers on Sunday introduced what appeared to be a “plan B” in the marijuana debate: A measure that would simply decriminalize the drug in New York, but not set up a more sweeping regulatory scheme for a retail marijuana market in the state.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview on WAMC on Monday said he didn’t want to simply decriminalize marijuana without acting on the legalization measure.

“I think we should do it all together,” he said. “I don’t think we should do one component now and then come back and do another component. Let’s just do it. We’ve talked about it, let’s make the hard decisions and let’s make them now.”

Cuomo also sound sympathetic to the idea of an “opt in” for local governments to allow marijuana businesses there. His previous proposal for marijuana legalization included an “opt out” provision, which several county governments have already approved pre-emptively.

“What level — is it just county or is it local government?” Cuomo said. “If a county opts in, must all local governments be included? Second option, it’s the locality that opts in, not the county.”

Lawmakers appeared close on Friday to striking a deal for marijuana legalization, but negotiations continued without a definitive agreement. The opt in mechanism was considered a key sticking point, as was how the revenue for the program should be spent.

“I think there’s a balance we have to achieve here, but I don’t think we can roughshod over local governments, nor should we,” Cuomo said.