Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday announced plans to travel to Israel after the end of the legislative session — a trip he said is meant to highlight solidarity between New York and the Jewish state.

Cuomo’s trip was announced amid a rise in anti-Semitic attacks and actions in the U.S., including vandalism last week at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn.

“As a sign of solidarity, at this time of crisis for the Jewish people, I’m going to be doing another trip to Israel as a trip in solidarity right after the legislative session and I invite my Jewish colleagues to join us as a sign of solidarity,” Cuomo said.

“New York stands with Israel. We are all Jewish today. We all appreciate the Jewish community. They are part of what makes New York, New York and one of the best parts.”

Cuomo has traveled to Israel several times as governor, including one in 2014 and another in 2017. He postponed a trip last year amid violence at its border with Gaza.

The State Police is investigating the vandalism t the museum in Brooklyn, Cuomo announced this weekend.

“We have increased the hate crime penalties all across the state,” Cuomo said. “We are working on more understanding, more communication, but we’re also going to enforce the law because it has reached a critical point. Eighty-three percent increase in the state of New York. Twenty-two percent increase in neo-Nazi groups. And by the way, I invite all politicians to condemn the neo-Nazi groups for what they are. They are domestic terrorists. That’s what they are.”