The passage of a bill meant to provide driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants could create a de facto database for federal immigration officers, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday in a radio interview.

Cuomo called the concern a “nuanced” but “more powerful” argument against the bill, which passed this week in the Assembly and is pending in the state Senate.

“You’re creating a database of undocumented people which a federal government that is trying to aggressively find quote-un-quote illegal people might actually seize and you might actually inadvertently end of creating a database the federal government might end up taking,” Cuomo said in the interview on WAMC public radio. “You might actually be hurting the people you’re trying to help.”

A similar concern has played out in California, where Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have gained access to records from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles as part of recent arrests.

Cuomo reiterated he supports the bill and “on balance” it makes sense in order to bolster public safety and insure more drivers on the road.

The bill in recent days has gained support in the Democratic-led state Senate, including from Long Island Sen. Anna Kaplan, whose support is considered especially key given the opposition from some lawmakers in the suburbs and upstate districts.

Updated: The New York Immigration Coalition responds.

“For someone who says he supports granting all immigrants access to driver’s licenses, Gov. Cuomo sure seems to be trying to stop the bill from moving. This, just days after we learned his hand-picked state party chairman was telling certain senators that voting for the legislation would hurt them politically. Governor, we don’t need reasons why to kill the bill. If you truly support it, we need you fighting to get it passed.”