Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a veteran of the Clinton administration, continues to be wary of Democrats opening up impeachment inquiries against President Donald Trump.

In an interview with WAMC on Thursday morning, Cuomo said he supports House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s cautious approach on the issue.

“This is a controversial topic,” he said. “It’s not right or wrong. You can have different strategies and different tactics. I support Speaker Pelosi who frankly has more information than I have. She’s said, let’s develop the facts.”

Cuomo and Pelosi have been public allies and in the Thursday interview the governor said he had “great respect for Leader Pelosi” and the balance she’s working to maintain.

But Cuomo also recalls the Republican drive to oust President Bill Clinton and the political cost for the GOP as a result. Cuomo served as the Housing and Urban Development secretary during Clinton’s second term.

“I was there in the Clinton administration when we went through that fiasco and it hurt the Republicans because the American people don’t want you paying politics with their tax dollars and their lives,” he said.