Gov. Andrew Cuomo will sign a package of measures agreed by state lawmakers that would expand rent control statewide and extend the regulations permanently, he said Wednesday.

“My point all along has been I wanted the best tenant protections we’ve ever passed for the state of New York and I believe this is the best tenant protections they will pass and I will sign it,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo did not appeared enthused by the two-way agreement announced Tuesday evening that includes statewide tenant protections and would allow upstate communities to opt in to local rent stabilization regulations.

Cuomo several times returned to the process surrounding the negotiations between the Senate and Assembly, noting Democrats in the Senate had previously announced “support” for a rent control package introduced by Assembly Democrats.

“Have you ever seen a situation where the Assembly puts out a bill and the Senate says ‘I will vote for the bill’ and it never happens?” Cuomo said.

And he seemingly gave faint praise to the package, which has been embraced by affordable housing advocates, calling it the best bill the Legislature could produce.

“In any event, I’m going to sign the bill,” he said.

Lawmakers feted the agreement. Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said the final deal was “what we always intended to do.”

“I think it is a huge benefit for New Yorkers,” he said. “I think for far too long landlords had the advantage. We righted the advantage.”

Heastie denied lawmakers worked to cut the governor out of the final deal, which was struck ahead of the June 15 deadline for the current laws to expire. A vote in both chambers is expected on Friday.

“I wouldn’t say that,” he said. “The governor said he would pass what the Legislature could pass. Given the deadline we wanted to give tenants a secure standing what the world would be like on June 16.”